Friday, October 1, 2010

Sending love into the great beyond...

Things have been going very well for me. I have started on my protocol and so far, so good. At this point I have not had any terrible reactions to any of the herbs I am taking or the Transfer Factor, am relieved to have gotten all of the bloodwork done (still waiting on co-infection results) and best of all I have had a lot of energy and optimism. Since I stopped eating gluten again, my brain has lost its fog and I can think clearly. I've even found a new product that I am experimenting with for some of my less comfortable daily symptoms and that one seems to be stirring things up quite a lot.

But all that to the side for the day.

I just read on the Road Back Foundation bulletin board that a member from Pennsylvania that I had briefly corresponded with has passed away, quite suddenly, leaving behind his beloved wife. Tears filled my eyes the instant I read her post, letting us know that he has gone to heaven. I have read of so much miraculous healing on the Road Back board, I'd sort of let myself forget the gravity of scleroderma. This poor man had only just found AP one month before he became gravely ill, and had only barely started in on the treatment. He had suffered from scleroderma off and on for almost 50 years. Yet I know when I first read his posts, I truly believed that he would survive and thrive. Tragically, his case was very advanced and he has now passed away.

I grieve the loss of his life, and that his wife is now parted from the man she writes was her soul mate.

I will continue praying for him, keeping him in my warmest of well wishes and prayers, wherever his spirit may be along the journey beyond. Perhaps he and my father who died last year are both part of something bigger and brighter now, free of their suffering. I know one thing, the love that they gave and received will live on forever.

This news makes me more determined than ever to treat my lyme and co-infections, and follow whatever diet or lifestyle choices are necessary to beat these bugs and regain my full health and strength. Three children - jewels brighter than the stars - are counting on me to do so. I will do whatever it takes!

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