Saturday, July 10, 2010


One of the most exciting things about this past week for me has been the incredible amount of information I've discovered and been directed toward by my band of angels at the Road Back Foundation. I am reading and learning as quickly as I can. There are more connections than I ever imagined possible between the mycoplasma bacteria and difficulties I have had with my reproductive health for well over a decade.

In fact, so many pieces are falling into place - it is very relieving. All of the "mysteries" I have gone through are now lining up, making sense.

Mycoplasma is related to:

  • Endometriosis - Experienced severely from 1999 through 2004

  • Infections in utero - My DS1 and I were both placed on IV antibiotics for 4 days following his birth due to me spiking a fever during the grueling 60 hour labor

  • High risk pregnancies resulting in early c-section - My DD born last year brought me the most challenging pregnancy imaginable, complete with Down Syndrome risk, suspected parvovirus infection, echogenic bowel and wrapping herself 4x in nuchal cord. She wanted to get out of there!

  • All 3 of my children have the same strange birthmark on their spines, which I now believe to be tied to a bacterial cause

  • Pneumonia - Which I have experienced 3x in my early life, severely

...and there are bound to be many more connections!

I am positive IgG for mycoplasma pneumonaie, which indicates a more distant infection. I will wait to speak with my rheumatologist about the significance of this, but sounds like it isn't likely to be related to either the flu shot I received last October or how sick I got one month later with the actual flu. (Yes, the dreaded H1N1.)

I am also fascinated by the concept that bacteria may be able to be passed to the fetus in utero and the belief by some doctors that this will ultimately be discovered to be the cause of what we currently believe to be "inherited autoimmunity".

Dr. Attila Toth writes, "Along with this shift in perspective will come the realization that some diseases now thought to be genetic in origin are, in fact, carried down through a generational line by pathogens that the fetus picks up in the uterus. Strictly as a matter of conjecture, I think it’s possible that the list might include such currently baffling illnesses as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), autism, multiple sclerosis, and schizophrenia. A number of congenital abnormalities may also be connected to intrauterine infections, most notably heart defects, spina bifida, omphalocele, and a number of chromosomal defects including Down’s syndrome."*

Dr. Toth prescribes a mix of low dose antibiotics for extended times to treat infections that hamper fertility, very similar to the antibiotic protocol that I hope to go on shortly for my own rheumatic situation.

All this is so exciting! I can't wait to tell my older brothers that they need not succumb to the fate of our father and grandparents - Alzheimer's may be bacterial, and could possibly be treated with antibiotics. This is definitely worth a lot more research and I feel so incredibly blessed to have started down this path with the AP.

Miracles come in the strangest of packages. Perhaps at the end of this, I will have the joy of giving a lease on life to all of the friends and family I love who may ultimately need the help of an antibiotic protocol to overcome their own health challenges. I can honestly say that for this one moment, far from being upset or depressed, I feel so blessed. Maybe I will be a messenger of healing :-) What an amazing destiny!

Much love and healing to you.

*This quote shared via the kindness of a posting today by another member of the Road Back Foundation

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